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Liz Buddenhagen, RN
Atlanta Legal Nurse

Liz Buddenhagen, RN, Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultant.

Liz was brought up on a dairy farm in the lower Catskill mountains of upstate
New York. She achieved a New York State Regents high school diploma. Liz
was active in girl's sports: soccer, basketball and volley ball. Liz was a
cheerleader for men's sports and active in student council.

Liz attended college at State University of New York at Fredonia and studied
liberal arts before entering the nursing program at Albany Medical Center
School of Nursing in Albany, New York.

Liz edited the 11 PM newscast for the SUNY Fredonia radio station.

Upon graduating from nursing school and becoming licensed as an RN, Liz went
west and worked in Critical Care for several years in Salt Lake City, Utah. Free
time was spent hiking the Unitas, cross country skiiing, canoeing the Yukon
River in the Yukon Territory and Alaska, camping in the southern Utah red rock
country and enjoying the Lava Hot Springs in Idado.

She continued critical care nursing in Atlanta, Georgia working at Emory and St.
Joseph's Hospital.

Subsequently, Liz worked in Neonatal ICU, Adult and Adolescent Substance
Abuse and Psych and then various medical surgical units in Athens, Georgia.

After becoming certified in massage therapy at the Atlanta School of Massage,
Liz owned a massage therapy business on the side of her hospital job in the

Liz began legal nurse consulting in 2005 and has been assisting Atlanta
attorneys with their medical legal cases since then.
"Buddenhagen & Associates is an integral part of my practice and has
dramatically improved my efficiency over the years. I love that I am able to
let them do what they do best, which is simplify the complex medical issues
and the documentation. They make the medicine easy to understand and
they organize the documents so they are easy to work with, both of which
save me hours of time that I can use to focus on the legal issues of my

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