Our Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultants Help You Win Cases

Atlanta attorneys count on Buddenhagen & Associates for services that get

Winning medical legal cases requires accurate and strong case-building – and
Buddenhagen & Associates are experts in this field. Plain and simple, we save
attorneys time and money.

Our Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultants provide the following services:
  • We screen and review cases for merit. Non-meritorious cases cost you time
    and money. Right off the bat, you need to know if a case is worth pursuing.
  • We identify appropriate experts. Our experts have the knowledge to
    strengthen your case. Buddenhagen & Associates bring knowledgeable
    specialists to the table  that have information germane to your case.
  • We locate the right expert witnesses. Our expert witnesses are experienced,
credible professionals who provide authoritative testimony that advances your     
  • We provide an absolutely thorough case review. Our written and verbal
reports are meticulously prepared in a detailed, logical step-by-step format. This
makes it easy for you to zero in on the precise data you need to further your       
  • We prepare chronologies and timelines.  We’ll provide you with a crystal-
    clear overview of the case and its possibilities. Buddenhagen & Associates give
    you a full briefing on the pertinent facts, the evidence, the events and the key
    individuals involved.
  • We assess alleged damages and injuries.  We will analyze and summarize
    the relevant injuries to your case, compare to pre-existing conditions and
    provide pain and suffering reports.

Our Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultant team also excels at:
  • Medical expert locations
  • Analytic reviews of medical records
  • Medical record summaries and timelines
  • Medical Narratives
  • Assist with Demand Packages

Want to discuss a case?
Just call me. My name is Liz Buddenhagen, RN, Atlanta legal nurse consultant, and I will
personally consult on your case and provide you information about our qualifications
and services immediately.
Our office number is  
Atlanta Legal Nurse Consultant                     770-725-2997
Liz Buddenhagen, RN
Atlanta Legal Nurse
"It recently took me
nineteen hours to
review a case in
which the medical
records that arrived
were very
disorganized, and
there was no detailed

I estimate I could
have reviewed the
same records in 4-6
hours, had the
records arrived
already organized,
and had there been
a detailed, and
accurate timeline.

It would have cost the
law firm a lot less
money to hire a legal
nurse to organize the
records, and create a
timeline, than what
they paid for my MD
expert rate, to do  the
same job."
-- MD expert
"As an Emergency MD, it is critical that the facts on the chronology are accurately
detailed and timed when I review medical records for attorneys. Liz Buddenhagen's
chronology was excellent and expedited my review." -- MD expert
"Thank you for all of your hard work and excellent research. We really appreciate it."
-- Atlanta attorney
"We settled the case (medical negligence) before it was filed."  Buddenhagen &
Associates provided a medical cost projection, independent medical exam observation
and expert witness location. - Atlanta attorney.
"The case successfully settled right before trial date." Atlanta legal nurse consultant
analyzed the medical records and created a detailed chronology of the significant
events. - Nashville, TN law firm.